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DigiCare Do bone-conduction headphone reviewed

by on29 April 2015


Ambient noise all the time

Bone conduction headphones will not replace your classic headphones in terms of sound quality, but the new technology has at least two advantages.

DIGICare’s bone conduction headphones, named simply DO, are lightweight and they are designed for an active lifestyle. The main advantage over classic headphones is that your ears are not covered and you will be able to hear ambient noise all the time. For example when you are running, hiking or driving a bike while listening music it is of main importance to hear approaching cars, or bears. In this review we want to share our findings after playing around with DIGICare DO headphones for several weeks.


How it works?

In order to hear sound, the sound needs to reach the cochlea, which happens in both cases (standard headphones and bone conducting headphones) through the vibration of small bones found behind the eardrum. This means that there is really no need for the sound to pass through the middle ear and eardrum like with the standard headphones. This is the second advantage of this technology, as ears will not get damaged from very loud output as is the case when the headphones are placed into or over the ear (here is the link if you want read more about the effects of exposure to loud noise).


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