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Cooler Master V700 reviewed

by on23 September 2013


The Cooler Master V-series of PSUs consists of three models ranging from 700W to 1000W and all of them come with an 80 PLUS Gold certificate. The V1000 impressed us with good build quality and rock solid performance, so guess what - the same applies to the V700. It is just a matter of capacity and pricing. Efficiency is rated at more than 90% and the PSU comes with a single fat +12V rail up to 56A, which should meet the needs of most gamers.

The V-series employs Seasonic’s new KM3 platform and other components used in its design are top notch. All V-series PSUs feature a modular design with flat cables, which are pretty practical as they’re more flexible than standard cables. Although all thre PSUs from V-series are modular thier dimensions are standard and it will fit into virtually any chassis.

Now that graphics cards and CPU collers have become very quiet, users tend to notice other noise sources in their rigs. It can be quite frustrating to buy a powerful and pricey PSU only to be disappointed by a subpar fan, which are quite common even in higher end units. As far as the V-series goes, we can recommend it as very quiet indeed. The V700 proved quiet regardless of load.

Although 700W is not enough for high-end configurations such as an SLI with high end graphics cards, it should be more than adequate for standard mid-range Crossfire or SLI setups. We gave it a go with two GTX 780 cards and it worked just fine.

Prices start at €113 (163€ for the the V1000) and all things considered the V700 is well worth it, hence we can recommend to anyone looking for a quality PSU.

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