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Gainward GTX 570 Golden Sample reviewed

by on24 September 2011


Geforce GTX 570 offers good performance in the high-end single-GPU segment, and the only faster card was the Geforce GTX 580. Performance wise, AMD’s competitor Radeon HD 6970 is comparable to the Geforce GTX 570. Of course, we cannot forget the retired Geforce GTX 480, which was Nvidia’s fastest single-GPU card and retired after the Geforce GTX 570 launched. These two cards have very similar performance and gaming results, but the Geforce GTX 570 comes with more efficient GPU and thermals.

Gainward’s GTX 570 Golden Sample is an interesting card, not least due to the custom design cooler. The factory overclock is not that high – the GPU runs at 750MHz compared to the reference 732MHz, whereas the memory is up from 900MHz to 975MHz (3900MHz effectively). The GTX 570 Golden Sample’s overclock is not as high as the one on GTX 570 Golden Sample Goes Like Hell (800MHz GPU), but custom cooling with two fans ensures safe and simple additional overclocking at any time. We managed to push the GPU to 900MHz and score better than the reference Geforce GTX 580.

GOOD Edition’s cooling packs great performance. In fact, it stays below the reference Geforce GTX 570’s temperatures, even after overclocking. However, while the cooler is mostly inaudible, it tends to get a bit louder than the reference one when under load.

Gainward GTX 570 Golden Sample comes with standard HDMI and DisplayPort connectors as well as two dual-link DVI connectors, so users are well covered there. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that Nvidia has a limit of two displays on a single graphics card. This means that you’ll need SLI if you want more than two displays.

Gainward GTX 570 Golden Sample is priced at about €280, here, which is some €20 more than Gainward’s reference GTX 570 with identical cooling.


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Last modified on 12 May 2012
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