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CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G gaming mouse tested

by on03 June 2011


Despite looking a bit “plasticky”, this mouse is pretty tough and is made of different materials, including rubber, ASB plastic, mesh bezel and metal.
The mouse is 13.5cm (5.3 inches) long, so your entire palm will rest on the mouse. We found this to be pretty comfortable, but if you’re used to smaller mice it might take some time to adjust.

The left and right buttons are pretty standard and make a nice click sound. Navigation keys require more pressure of course, which is normal. The wheel is about 7mm thick and 22mm long and although it may seem small, it’s well placed, comfortable and accurate.

The specs claim that the Zero-G’s Twin-Laser is improved version of the one in Sentinel Advance but we didn’t notice any significant difference; both mice have a 5600dpi sensor. Thanks to laser-beam mixing using the Doppler Effect, CoolerMaster enhanced the precision allowing for comfortable use on many different materials. Furthermore, it enables independent X and Y axis settings.

CM Storm Tactic AP software can be installed or simply ran from a CD. The mouse comes with integrated memory and can store DPI settings entirely in hardware – so this feature will run regardless of the drivers.


The CM Storm Tactic Software features many useful options – independent X and Y axis DPI settings, game profiles, independent front and upper LED lighting controls, OLED logo, RapidFire, macros, scripts and much more. The program is pretty intuitive and you won’t have trouble searching for options.

You can use the DPI switch keys to alter the DPI, but in 25 DPI increments. If you want to adjust the DPI in smaller increments, for instance 1 DPI, you’ll have to resort to software, but we believe that this is more than enough for most users.


The CM Sentinel ZERO-G is one of the rare rodents which allow independent X and Y axis settings.

Here’s how the Color Control Tab looks; you can use this tab to change LED colors as well as change the OLED logo.



We tested the Sentinel Zero-G with HS-M Battle Pad SSK and CS-X Battle Pad DP. Both pads come from CM Storm’s offer.

The HS-M Battle Pad SSK is a hard surface pad whereas the CS-X Battle Pad DP is made of pure rubber and is huge. Both surfaces did the trick with the CM Sentinel Zero-G ’s high DPI, as they’re built for smooth operation and high precision lasers, such as the one on the Sentinel Zero-G.


The CM Sentinel Zero-G is the fourth mouse from CoolerMaster’s CM Storm division for gaming hardware and accompanying software. The Sentinel Zero-G is a quality mouse which will surely be popular as it brings the functionality, looks, ruggedness and innovation to the table. Those who are familiar with CM Storm line should know that Sentinel Advance is about to retire and that Zero-G is its successor. Basically, the new Zero-G is an improved version of Sentinel, with more memory and improved lasers sensors.

The side keys were placed a bit too far towards the back o the mouse for our liking, and we often ended up pushing the wrong one. Other than that, we found the Sentinel Zero-G almost a perfect fit. Of course, you should make sure to check for mouse-to-hand compatibility yourself as it is something no-one can guarantee.

The mouse is designed exclusively for the right handed. It’s long and not too tall, and provides nice support for your palm. People with big hands will definitely love it.

The wheel is nicely designed and since it’s notched - it won’t let you overshoot your weapon of choice. Talking about weapons, RapidFire is also one of the options offered by the Sentinel Advance.

The integrated memory is a great addition which allows users to use the Setinel Zero-G on any computer while still keeping their preferred settings. The integrated 128kb of memory will hold much more though, and there’s plenty of space for macros, scripts, etc. Dual-Laser technology allows for precision of up to 5600 DPI (dots per inch), which is more than we’re used to, and independent X and Y axis settings. Such high precision will surely fit professionals in the field of graphics and not just gamers.

The excellent and extensive CM Storm Tactic interface is great as well as it allows for customization and fine tuning of just about anything. CoolerMaster’s Sentinel Zero-G gaming mouse is priced at about €55 but if you’re looking for a top quality mouse, Sentinel Zero-G will surely be a perfect addition to your gaming arsenal.

Additionally, you may also take a look at Sentinel Advance as it’s still available (probably not for long) and cheaper by about €15. However, the extra €15 for the Zero-G will get you a gift game Shattered Horizon, extra memory and an improved laser.

We'd like to thank Cooler Master Balkans for providing our today's test sample.

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Last modified on 03 June 2011
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