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Energenie Bamboo set tested

by on12 May 2011


Review: Bamboo flavored mouse and keyboard

We decided to try out a product that you definitely don’t see every day – a keyboard and mouse set made of bamboo. The manufacturer is Gembird Europe and the set is dubbed the Energenie.


Energenie is Gembird Europe’s brand that aims to develop, manufacture and distribute quality “Green” products. In a way, you could say that Energenie is a response to constant energy pricing increases and harmful effects on the environment. 

Packaging and Specs

The set is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. The packaging also follows the environmental advice and is made of 100% biodegradable cardboard.


The box has a plastic window so that you see what you’re getting without having to open the box.


Back of the box has the usual information in several languages.



Keys: 105 keys + 4 multimedia keys
Mouse: 3 buttons, scrolling wheel
USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 compatible
Dimensions: keyboard 400 mm x 21 mm x 154 mm; mouse 116 mm x 65 mm x 37 mm
Net weight: keyboard 0.78 kg, mouse 0.1 kg
Cable length: keyboard 1.6 m, mouse 1.54 m


At a glance, the keyboard is no different from other ordinary keyboards. Energenie keyboard measures 400 x 21 x 154 mm and weighs in at 780 grams.


The keyboard has 105 keys and four multimedia keys located above the numerical pad on the right. The multimedia keys are for the browser, e-mail client, favorites and calculator.


Arrow keys, as well as Page Down, Page Up, Home, End, Insert, Delete and Wake Up keys are connected with the main set of keys; they’re lined up behind the enter key all the way to the Space bar, so the Space bar is slightly smaller in order to make way for the rest.


The keyboard is mostly made of bamboo, whereas the keys are made of a biodegradable plastic alloy.




Bottom of the keyboard is made of bamboo and the edges have rubber pads that should keep it firmly in place on your table.



The keys are pretty soft and the keyboard is pretty comfortable for everyday work. The only inconvenience is the distribution of keys, which is different from other keyboards, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it. As soon as you get used to the key scheme, you’ll have no problem working long hours with this keyboard.


The Energenie mouse is very simple in design but since it’s mostly made of bamboo, yours truly thought it simply looks outstanding.


We’re talking about an optical USB mouse measuring 116 x 65 x 37mm and weighs in at about 100 grams.



We were pretty confused once we unpacked the mouse as the packaging and official web portal claim that it has 5 keys. We managed to locate only three, meaning two keys and the scroll wheel. After some searching on the internet, it turns out that it’s a print error.


The name Energenie suggests that the set is eco-friendly and its maximum consumption of 100mA confirms that.



Energenie Bamboo set is the first keyboard and mouse set made mostly of wood. The set is practical whereas its looks and functionality make it a good fit for both home and an office. The key distribution scheme and only 3 keys on the mouse may put gamers off, but gamers aren’t the targeted audience in the first place.

On to the good stuff - Energenie Bamboo costs €20 and we must say we were positively surprised. Namely, we’ve had a chance to work with sets that cost €10-20 more but offer less quality for the money. You can check out the pricing here.

Energenie Bamboo brings that warm feel of wood under your fingertips and will be a pretty aesthetic addition to your office or house. It is comfortable and biodegradable, packaging included, and boasts low consumption. Eco-aware users will probably find it to be interesting, but regular users will definitely find that quality mouse and keyboard sets need not be pricey to offer quality and looks in one package.

Last modified on 12 May 2011
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