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PoV / TGT GTX 550 Ti Beast reviewed

by on19 April 2011



Review: Nvidia's new midrange on TGT's steroids
Point of View and TGT joined forces once again and launched three overclocked GTX 550 Ti cards. We’re talking about GTX 550 Ti Charged, GTX 550 Ti Ultra Charged and GTX 550 Ti Beast. As expected, the fastest of them all is the Beast version, which runs at 1012MHz and is our today’s test subject.

The next table shows the aforementioned cards’ clocks:


    GPU     Shader     Memory

PoV/TGT GTX 550 Ti "Beast"

   1012MHz    2024MHz    4422MHz

PoV/TGT GTX 550 Ti "Ultra Charged"

   990MHz    1980MHz    4422MHz

PoV/TGT GTX 550 Ti "Charged"

   960MHz    1920MHz    4224MHz

Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti

   900MHz    1800MHz    4104MHz

GTX 550 Ti is based on the 40nm GF116 GPU which sports 192 CUDA cores paired up with the 192-bit memory interface and 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

Reference GTX 550 Ti’s performance didn’t quite thrill Nvidia’s partners, nor us for that matter. Thus you could find both reference and overclocked GTX 550 Ti cards on the shelves and priced about the same.


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Last modified on 20 April 2011
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