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PowerColor HD 6870 PCS+ tested

by on12 January 2011



PowerColor HD 6870 PCS+ is a factory overclocked card that comes with special cooling. The card is currently priced about €208 in the EU, which is about €10 higher than PowerColor’s reference HD 6870.

HD 6870 PCS+ performs great and will be perfect for gamers who play at 1920x1080. However, that’s not to say that the card will not handle 2560x1600.

The factory overclock will provide 2-4% better results compared to the reference card. The cooler is efficient and very quiet in idle. When the card is pushed, you will hear the cooler run but we still considered it to be quiet.

PowerColor will bundle Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but only in some regions. Naturally, the HD 6870 PCS+ is a good deal even without the game. So let’s recap: quiet and efficient cooling coupled with increased performance and all that at only €10 more than reference card. What’s there not to recommend?

You can find the card listed here.


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Last modified on 18 January 2011
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