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AMD Athlon II X4 645 in the labs

by on15 November 2010



We have already stated the specs, so here the CPU-z screenshot which also stated that the new CPU is one of the new C3 steppings.



While AMD has reduced the VCore to 1.35V, we checked how much lower we could do. With our board the lowest was 1.275V with stable prime. Of course each CPU and board behaves differently, so make sure to run Prime95 to ensure stability.




First we checked how high we could go without increasing the VCore. Sadly our board did increase the VCore to ~1-38V but without this slightly increase we would not have managed a stable prime at this frequency anyways. Also, depending on CPU and board your results may vary.



We could manage a boot with 3.80GHz but it was impossible to achieve a stable Prime95 result regardless of the used voltage.



With 1.48V we could manage 3.50GHz stable:



Regardsless of not beeing prime-stable for the time beeing, we tested our overclocked CPU with 3.60GHz with 1.55V.

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