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Gainward GTX 480 "Gamer`s Spirit" tested

by on06 May 2010



HAWX used to be AMD’s champ thanks to DirectX 10.1 support, but Nvidia’s Fermi based DirectX 11 cards gave Radeons a serious run for their money. Fortunately for the green team, while AMD is doing good in HAWX, it still doesn’t churn out enough fps to defeat Fermi.  

Note that performance differences aren’t very high, especially at the highest tested resolution. At 1920x1200 and no AA, Gainward’s GTX 480 wins by 16% and the difference jumps to 20% after turning on AA. At 2560x1600 and no AA, Gainward’s GTX 480 wins by only 4% whereas turning on AA results in a 12% advantage.



Dirt 2

Gainward GTX 480 once again shows its sheer power and proves that it is faster than any single GPU. The difference between the cards isn't that big, but after all Dirt 2 is the game where ATI's HD 5870 really shines, especially with new drivers. At 1920x1200 the GTX 480 wins by about 20%. At 2560x1600 the GTX 480 wins by about 7%, with and without AA.



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