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Corsair H50 v.s. CoolIT ECO A.L.C.

by on30 April 2010



Corsair H50 is no newbie on the market and has attracted a lot of attention from those looking for quality CPU cooling solution. This is one of the first pre-installed water cooling systems and many find it a nice alternative to high-end coolers. It’s attractively priced at about €60, here, especially knowing that we’re talking about water cooling.

If you were looking for a water cooling solution with no need for assembly (which can get messy if you don’t know what you’re doing), Corsair H50 is made for you. Setting it up is no more difficult than it is to set up an air cooling system – no water pouring, and thus no risk of getting your motherboard all wet. Although the fan is pretty loud at maximum RPM, it ran silent most of the time. The only “creative” choice you might want to make is decide whether the fan blows outwards or inwards, latter of which being Corsair’s recommended solution. Unfortunately, we found the former scenario to be much better for the rest of your components. Namely, in such a scenario CPU temperature is not significantly higher but the outward fan orientation results in lower in-case temperatures.

Corsair H50 seems to be forever young and will provide you with countless hours of careless gaming. You could even boost its performance further by using some other, higher-quality fan, but we doubt you’ll need to as the cooler performs great as it is.


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