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AMD shows EPYC Bergamo with 128 Zen 4c cores

by on14 June 2023

Same SP5 socket, and around 35 percent smaller core

AMD unveiled plenty of new products during its Data Center and AI Technology Premiere event in San Francisco, including some details about its 5nm EPYC Bergamo processors for cloud native applications. Shipping now, these EPYC CPUs pack 82b transistors, up to 128 Zen 4c cores, and promise both "the greatest vCPU density and the best energy efficiency.

As said, AMD is already shipping its first EPYC Bergamo CPUs to customers, and these will directly compete with Intel's upcoming 144-core Sierra Forest chips, the first to feature E-cores in the Xeon lineup. AMD aims at high-density VMs, data analytics, and other applications which benefit from high core count, but at lower frequency and power draw. AMD also shared a bit more details comparing the Zen 4c core to the standard Zen 4 core, as it managed to lower the core+L2 area significantly, down to 2.48mm2. AMD EPYC Bergamo will offer up to 8 CCDs with 16 cores per CCD, leaving it with up to 128 cores. It is possible that we could see up to twelve Zen 4c CCDs in the future, adding up to 192 cores.

amd bergamo 2

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AMD is launching two SKUs, the EPYC 9754(S) and the EPYC 9734, both using the same SP5 socket as the EPYC Genoa chips, and supporting 12-channel DDR5-4800 memory. The EPYC 9754 packs 128-cores/256-threads, works at 2.25/3.1GHz clocks, packs 256MB of L3 cache, and has a default TDP of 360W. The EPYC 9734 cuts two cores per CCD, leaving it with 112-cores/224-threads, 2.2/3.0GHz clocks, the same 256MB of L3 cache, and a lower 320W TDP. According to AMD, these offer 2.7x increase in energy efficiency, and up to 3.7x higher throughput performance for key cloud native workloads compared to Nvidia Ampere.

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"In an era of workload optimized compute, our new CPUs is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the data center, delivering new levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability," said Forrest Norrod, executive vice president and general manager, Data Center Solutions Business Group, AMD. "We closely align our product roadmap to our customers' unique environments and each offering in the 4th Gen AMD EPYC family of processors is tailored to deliver compelling and leadership performance in general purpose, cloud native or technical computing workloads."

As said, AMD is already shipping its first EPYC Bergamo SKUs to customers.

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