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Intel launches 13th Gen Core vPro processors

by on23 March 2023

Covers all market segments

Intel has officially announced the new Intel vPro platform powered by the full lineup of 13th Gen Intel Core processors, covering pretty much all markets, from ultraportables, thin-and-light commercial notebooks, and standard notebooks, to desktops, all with the latest vPro technology built into the silicon.

According to what we could gather from Intel's announcement, the company is marketing improvements and optimizations compared to 3- and 4-year-old PC, so mainly Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs, if you do not count the competition. With the latest Raptor Lake architecture, It promises 70 percent attack surface reduction compared to 4-year-old devices, so mainly Comet Lake, and over 2x better productivity compared to a 3-year-old PC, so 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs. It also says it is up to 40 percent faster in productivity compared to the competition.

In short, and according to Intel, Intel vPro designs with 13th Gen Intel Core bring:

Up to 65% faster Windows application performance versus 3-year-old desktop PC.
Up to 45% faster content creation while multitasking than a current AMD desktop.
Up to 2.3 times faster Windows application performance versus 3-year-old mobile PC.
Up to 40% faster Windows application performance versus a current AMD notebook and up to 25% faster business application performance versus Apple M2.
Up to 58% faster report generation while collaborating than a current AMD notebook.

intel vpro13thgen 2

In terms of hardware, Intel 13th Gen Core vPro CPUs offer up to eight Raptor Cove performance cores (P-Cores) and up to 16 Gracemont efficiency cores (E-cores). Depending on the form-factor and segment, it features all the latest connectivity, DDR5 or LPDDR5 memory support, and PCIe Gen 5.

It also gets all the security technologies expected from Intel vPro, like Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Virtualization Technology (VT), Intel's Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), and Identity Protection Technology (IPT), or Intel's Anti-Theft Technology (ATT) and the Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT).

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According to our info, Intel's 13th Gen Core vPro CPUs should work on all Intel 600/700 chipset motherboards, and there is pretty much a standard lineup of SKUs, covering most market segments and form factors.

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"For nearly two decades, we've been committed to our mission of delivering products and technologies that keep organizations running and workers productive. With our new 13th Gen Intel Core processors, the Intel vPro platform remains the premier business computing foundation, providing the best in security, business management and performance for organizations of all sizes," said Stephanie Hallford, Intel vice president and general manager of the Commercial Client Division.

Intel is promising over 170 notebooks, desktops and entry workstations from partners including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Samsung, so there will be plenty of such systems on the market.

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