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FSP Group announces new generation of ATX 3.0 power supplies

by on17 March 2023

HYDRO PRO series to lead the pack

FSP Group has announced its new generation of ATX 3.0 power supplies with PCIe Gen 5 standard, which will include the recently introduced 12VHPWR power connector. The lineup includes the HYDRO PRO series ATX PSUs as well as the SFX DAGGER PRO series.

As noted, the HYDRO G PRO series will be the first to appear on the market, followed by the HYDRO PTM PRO, the HYDRO GT PRO, and the HYDRO PTM X PRO. These will be available in Gold and Platinum efficiency ratings, ranging from 850W to 1200W. The entire series is ATX 3.0 with PCIe Gen 5 and backed by ten years of warranty.

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The HYDRO Ti PRO is also coming and it will be the first ATX 3.0 PCIe Gen 5 PSU with a Titanium efficiency rating. This one will be available in 850W and 1000W versions.

In addition to the HYDRO PRO series, FSP Group is also bringing the DAGGER PRO SFX12V v4.0 power supply with PCIe Gen 5, which will be available in Q4 this year.

FSP Group updated the price lineup so hopefully, we will start to see them on retail/e-tail shelves in Europe.

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Last modified on 17 March 2023
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