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Intel also unveils its 13th Gen Core 65W desktop CPUs

by on04 January 2023

The full lineup of non-K SKUs

Intel has officially unveiled its non-K 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake CPUs with 65W TDP.

The lineup includes a total of 10 SKUs, and while the list features some rather interesting parts at rather interesting price points, it also adds up to the confusion with some other parts.

The lineup is led by the Core i9-13900, a 24-core/32-thread (8P+16E) SKU with 36MB of L3 and 32MB of L2 cache, working at up to 5.6GHz Max Turbo P-core and up to 4.2GHz max Turbo E-core frequency. It supports DDR5-5600 and DDR4-3200, features Intel UHD Graphics 770, and has a base TDP of 65W and Max Turbo Power of 219W. It will be priced at $549 while the Core i9-13900F, its counterpart that lacks the iGPU, is priced at $524.

The Core i7-13700 is a 16-core/24-thread (8P+8E) SKU working at up to 5.2GHz P-core and up to 4.1GHz E-core max Turbo, has 30MB of L3 and 24MB of L2 cache, and is priced at $384. The Core i7-13700F comes in at $359.

Things get a bit interesting in the Core i5 series, where we have the 14-core/20-thread (6P+8E) Core i5-13600, and the Core i5-13500, as well as the 10-core/16-thread (6P+4E) Core i5-13400(F) SKU. These four SKUs come at a rather interesting price point but also pack 24MB of L3 and 11.5MB of L2 cache for the Core i5-13600 and Core i5-13500, and 20MB L3 and 9.5MB of L2 cache for the Core i5-13400(F).

Although Intel won't officially confirm it, this is in line with previous rumors that some Intel 13th Gen Core parts might be based on Alder Lake architecture with Golden Cove P-cores and Gracemont E-cores, where P-cores pack 1.25MB of L2 cache per core and 2MB of L2 cache for E-cores. Bear in mind that this is significantly less L2 cache compared to Raptor Lake parts that come with 2MB of L2 cache per P-core and 4MB of L2 cache per E-core. Another giveaway is the memory support, which drops to DDR5-4800 on some of those parts.

The Core i5-13600 and Core i5-13500 come in at $255 and $232, while the Core i5-13400 (F) hits $221 and $196. Bear in mind that these are also 65W parts but have a slightly lower max turbo power rating.

The bottom of the lineup are two Core i3 SKUs, the Core i3-13100(F), a 4-core/8-thread (8P+0E) SKUs with 12MB of L3, and 5MB of L2 cache, up to 4.5GHz clock and 60W/89W TDP. These are priced at $134 and $109.

Intel has also introduced its T-series power-efficient SKUs, which have a base TDP of 35W, reaching up to 106W, 92W, 82W, and 69W. There are a total of 6 SKUs, following the lineup of non-K parts.

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