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Intel talks Lakefield CPUs with Intel Hybrid CPU Technology

by on12 June 2020

Foveros 3D stacking with Hybrid CPU for 4+1 CPU and up to 64 EUs GPU

We have been hearing about Intel's Lakefield CPUs for quite some time, and these combine one big with four small CPU cores on a small footprint, thanks to the 3D stacking Foveros technology. Now, Intel disclosed a bit more information, including two SKUs, aimed at ultra-mobile small form-factor premium laptops.

While Intel did not reveal a lot of detailed specifications, and some questions remain unanswered, it did focus a lot on the two SKUs, as well as the 3D stacking Foveros technology and Hybrid CPU technology, which allowed it to bring the size of the chip down to 12x12mm.

This allows Intel to combine a low-cost 22nm base die wit I/O, security, ISH, EClite, stack a 10nm compute die with CPU, GPU, display, IPU, and cache on top of it, and then stack on-package LP4x memory for small form factors on top of that, leaving it with 12x12x1mm package.

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One Sunny Cove and four Tremont Atom CPUs cores, up to 64 EUs for Gen11 GPU

Specification-wise, both announced SKUs will feature one "big" Sunny Cove CPU core combined with four "small" Tremont CPU cores. Lakefield will also have a Gen11 GPU with up to 64 execution units, which is the same as on Ice Lake CPUs.

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Part of the Core i5 and Core i3 Lakefield lineup, these two SKUs, model i5-L16G7 and i3-L13G4, will both have a 7W TDP, and support LPDDR4x-4266 memory.

The Core i5-L16G7 works at a base clock of 1400MHz, a full boost of 1800MHz and a single-core boost of 3000MHz, and comes with a 64 EU GPU ticking at 500MHz. The Core i3-L13G4 works at base 800MHz clock, full boost of 1300MHz, and single-core Boost of 2800MHz, and has a GPU with 48 EUs, also clocked at 500MHz.

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Intel did not share a lot of information regarding performance, but it did say that thanks to Hybrid CPU technology, or integration of the big Sunny Cove core with 4 Tremont cores, gave it up to 33 percent higher web performance with up to 17 percent higher power efficiency.

Some other numbers also include up to 56 percent smaller package size and up to 91 percent lower standby power, 12 percent higher single-threaded performance, up to 24 percent higher power efficiency, up to 1.7x higher graphics performance, and up to 2x higher AI performance. Of course, most of these numbers come compared to the Core i7-8500Y, Amber Lake 14nm 2-core/4-thread CPU with Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU.

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Intel Lakefield looks like a great SoC for premium always-connected laptops, and Intel aims at premium ≥ 8" screen devices. So far, the first generation Lakefield CPUs will debut in devices like the Samsung Galaxy Book S, coming this month, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, or the Microsoft Surface Book Neo, coming at a later date.

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