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Tiger Lake scores 50 design wins

by on28 April 2020

CEO confirms holiday season  

Intel is preparing for the holiday later this year with Tiger Lake 2nd generation 10nm notebook products that are set to replace its successful Ice Lake.

Intel’s CEO Bob Swan has confirmed that there are more than 50 fantastic designs based on Tiger Lake-based notebook designs in the works. Tiger Lake will be a significant milestone as it is the first 10nm+ product, promising higher IPC, GPU, and especially AI performance. It is based on Willow Cave cores.

Intel has done better optimizing manufacturing nodes for extra performance, and the first indication of Tiger Lake does sound promising.

Swan is optimistic and describes Tiger Lake as a product expected to deliver breakthrough performance.

OEMs are lining up the Tiger Lake notebooks for the holiday season, but we have some indications that we should see them before the end of summer or the latter part of Q3 2020.

Intel’s George Davis,its CFO, also confirmed to investors that Intel has  strong demand for Tiger Lake and the company is building up a reserve. Intel compares the impact on gross margin by Tiger Lake as a good indication of the shape of the new 10nm process. Davis mentioned that the number of Tiger Lake units reserved doubled from its Q1 2019 Ice Lake reserve units.

It sounds like a good start for the 2nd generation 10nm or 10nm+ which is what Intel calls it. AI workloads will play a crucial role in late 2020 and 2021 notebooks, and Microsoft and many ISVs are working on a new revolution that might make things smoother or seamless.

Last modified on 28 April 2020
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