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Intel announces new Core iX+ branding

by on03 April 2018

CPU paired up with Optane memory caching

Intel was quite keen to talk about its Optane Memory at the Bejing event and has introduced the new Core iX+ branding scheme and stickers which will mark the combination of Intel's 8th gen CPU with Intel Optane memory.

Although this will ultimately complicate the life of those selling such systems, we think that the Intel Optane sticker would do just fine, ??? Intel obviously wants to push its Optane drives marketing to a whole new level.

According to Intel, SSD boot drive combined with Intel Optane memory accelerated HDD drive will create a significant performance and responsiveness boost with up to 4.7x faster level load in games and up to 1.7x faster media loads for content creators. Intel also claims that everyday tasks can be improved by up to 2.2x.

intel coreixplus 1

We are quite sure that plenty of notebook OEMs and system integrators will jump at this opportunity as the Core i7+ just sounds much better than the Core i7 to an average consumer.

intel coreixplus 2

intel coreixplus 3


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