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Naples AMD server is called Epyc

by on17 May 2017

Huge chip showcased

Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, has showed the first Naples chip and, trust us, it looks good. 

This is no surprise as it is a 32-core single socket processor that will be known as Epyc. So, in case you hadn't realized, the Opteron brand dies to makes some space for server – data center processors branded as Epyc.

Datacenter or server chips are a $21 billion market opportunity and AMD has played a small role so far. Su did point out that 95 percent of the market are x86 and that only Intel and AMD have the x86 instruction set architectures.

AMD is expected to launch Epyc, formerly known as Naples, before the end of June, simply as it always said that it will ship in Q2 2017.


AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster also mentioned varieties of the new Epyc that include a single socket 16 and 32-core and a dual socket 48 and 64 systems wrapped around the infinity fabric.

Fudzilla talked about this interconnection back in 2015 and apparently, this has been one of the secret sauces. It is hard not to admit that we expected a brand evolving around Zen too, but AMD marketing didn’t go along with our expectations.

AMD will announce more details about Epyc, also known by the codename Naples, at a later date. One more thing, Intel doesn’t have any server / data center product with 32 cores, not even on its extended roadmap, as it stops at 28 cores. It will be interesting to see which company wins the price performance ratio as the server / data center market might be a big growth opportunity for AMD.


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