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AMD announces its Zen 2

by on16 May 2017

 7nm+ Zen 3 in development

AMD’s CTO has just announced the Zen 2 in 7nm and the Zen 3 being developed on 7nm or better. Both are in development right now

Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at AMD, said the company has managed to achieve a 52 percent IPCs (Instructions per Clock) increase with Zen and Ryzen, which is definitely a huge achievement.

The original goal was to reach 40 percent and Jim Keller and his team managed to hit the magical 52 percent number. Mark points out that people who had doubts about AMD's ability to execute the company's future, that Zen 2 is coming and it is based on 7nm manufacturing process.

GlobalFoundries has announced that GF's 7nm FinFET is expected to be ready for customer product design starts in the second half of 2017, with the ramp to risk production in early 2018.


This means that the earliest that you can expect to see 7nm Zen will be in late 2018, if all goes well. There is also a mention of a Zen based on 14nm+ which may indicate that there will be one more refresh before Zen 2 arrives.

Zen 3 is, according to very vague information, a 7nm or 7nm+ whichever becomes available, but based on a prediction that 7nm might ship in the latter part of 2018 / early 2019, so the Zen 3 will  probably be announced around 2020.

Intel, on the other hand, is about to start shipping its first 10nm products in the last part of this year  but from what we’ve seen, Ryzen definitely offers tough competition for Intel in the premium and mainstream / premium segment.

A Zen refresh will probably launch within a year from the original Zen, with some additional optimization and hopes that it will be able to fight against Cannonlake and other 10nm based offerings from Intel.



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