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Intel describes Kaby Lake as a "2017 Platform"

by on05 July 2016

Early 2017 launch

A lot of people have said that  Intel’s third generation 14nm CPU might launch in early 2017 and even Intel calls the Kaby Lake a 2017 platform, in typically elliptic Chipzilla talk.

Chip production is expected to start in Q4 2016 but the launch might occur after  New Year’s eve of 2017, because Intel is deeply superstitious

Internally, Haswell Refresh was a 2014 product, Skylake was clearly a 2015 platform and Kaby Lake seems to be the 2017 product. It looks like that some Skylake products will coexist with the Kaby Lake-S LGA and we can expect to see the dual and quad cores with eight or four thread processors from the Kaby Lake generation.  Don't forget Intel has decimated its workforce.

Both consumer and corporate chipsets will use the Intel 200 series chipsets. The so called new chipset brings some minor changes including more PCIe lanes as well as Octane storage support. Guess what, Kaby Lake 200 series chipset will support Skylake-S processors too. No one is very excited about this - not even Chipzilla.

The "new" WiFi module to match the desktop platform is codenamed Windstorm Peak and it includes both WiFi and Bluetooth. This displaces the Snowfield Peak (WiFi+BT) wireless from the Skylake platform, for students of esoterica.

In the lower end wireless roadmap, Intel's Stone Peak (WiFi+BT) wireless gets displaced by the not very exciting Sandy Peak (WiFi+BT). Thunderbolt is using Alpine Ridge, the same thing that's in the Skylake platform and Jacksonville Intel LAN. We cannot expect miracles from Kaby Lake, it  is a minor upgrade that has some new features, just like the Haswelll to Haswell refresh. 

The real change is expected in later part of 2017 when Intel is expceted to launch its first 10nm Cannonlake processors. As far as Fudzilla is aware, AMD will skip the 10nm and go directly to 7nm after 14nm, but this is another story all together.  And a story that I will tell, in the fulness of time!

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