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Meizu confirms Helio X25 exclusivity

by on30 March 2016

MediaTek preaches open hands policy

Meizu will exclusively launch with Helio X25 processor and the CEO of Meizu has confirmed this on the public channel, but still, MediaTek responds that it is likely to expect more Helio X25 devices at later date.

There is no doubt that Meizu is a key customer for the high end MediaTek SoCs, especially the Helio X25, but it looks like that Meizu will only get the exclusivity for limited time.

When asked about Meizu exclusivity we got a following statement from company's officials. "We’re looking forward to seeing Meizu’s Pro 6 in the market soon. We are not able to disclose details of customer deals.”

Exclusivity is a touchy topic and companies rarely talk about it. Deals are usually made privately and discreetly as one exclusive deal definitely upsets other potential customers.

Due to its volume and power, Meizu will probably swallow too many Helio X25 processors to see it anywhere else, but with time, we are quite certain that the other customers will launch Helio X25 phones too.

Even the original Sina article states that the exclusivity is for the limited time. The Bai Yongxiang, president of Meizu stated that the Heilo X25 is co-developed between MediaTek and Meizu, and we are sure that Meizu Pro 6 has well balanced thermals and performance.

It takes a while to developed a good high end phone and do a quality thermal management, a number one enemy of a good performance.


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