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AMD launches two new Kaveri APUs

by on02 February 2016

The A10-7860K and the A6-7470K

AMD has updated its Kaveri desktop APU lineup with two new SKUs, the quad-core A10-7860K and the dual-core A6-7470K.

Both new APUs will be a part of AMD's "Kaveri Refresh" lineup, also known as Godavari, which are better binned parts, offering a bit higher frequency as well as lower 65W TDP.

The new A10-7860K APU features two Steamroller modules, which translates to four CPU cores, and eight GPU cores. It works at 3.6GHz base CPU clock and 4.0MHz maximum turbo clock, supports DDR3-2133 memory and has 2x2MB of L2 cache. The GPU inside the A10-7860K has 512 Stream Processors and works at 754MHz. The A10-7860K should replace three previously available A10-series Kaveri APUs, with higher TDP and lower CPU clocks, the A10-7850K, A10-7700K and the A10-7800K.

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The A6-7470K on the other hand will be the only dual-core APU in the new Kaveri APU lineup and the lowest priced A-series part. It has a single Streamroller module with two CPU cores, 65W TDP, works at 3.7GHz base and 4.0GHz maximum turbo clocks, has four GPU compute units clocked at 800MHz and 256 Stream Processors.

It is also worth mentioning that both the A10-7860K and the A6-7470K will be bundled with AMD's APU cooler which uses some design details from the earlier unveiled Wraith stock cooler. There will be two versions of the new APU stock cooler, one working for 65W and one for 95W, so the A10-7860K will get the 95W version while the A6-7470K will get the 65W version. The previously unveiled Wraith CPU 125W cooler will only be available with the FX-8370 CPU for now.

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AMD has also updated the price list so the FX-8370 Wraith will cost US $199.99 while the new AMD 10-7860K will cost US $117.99. Unfortunately, AMD did not unveil the price for the budget A6-7470K but considering that the A87650K will sell for US $95.99, you can expect it to hit even lower price, most likely something in the line of Athlon X4 860K, priced at US $79.99.

Both new APUs should be available soon, according to AMD.

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