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AMD releases new FX-6330 Black Edition CPU

by on15 December 2015

32nm Piledriver architecture and 3.6/4.2GHz clocks

AMD has silently launched its new FX-6330 Black Edition six-core CPU which is currently available only in the APAC region.

Based on pretty much the same specifications as the earlier available FX-6300 CPU, the new FX-6330 Black Edition CPU features six Vishera CPU cores, 6MB of L2 and 8MB of L3 cache, unlocked multiplier, DDR3-1866 memory support and 95W TDP. It also comes with somewhat higher 3.6GHz base and 4.2GHz Turbo clocks. 

With these clocks, the FX-6330 Black Edition fits right between the earlier available FX-6300, clocked at 3.5GHz base and 4.1GHz Turbo clocks, and the faster AMD FX-6350 Black Edition 125W TDP SKU with 3.9GHz base and 4.2GHz Turbo clocks.

What makes the new AMD FX-6330 Black Edition a bit more interesting is a completely new S3.0 boxed cooler which offers 24 percent more surface area, 34 percent higher air volume and 39dBA noise output.

The new AMD FX-6330 Black Edition CPU was acquired by Chinese site and benchmarked against Intel Haswell-based Core i3-4160.

While currently only available in APAC (Asia Pacific) region with a price set at US $109.99, which puts it against some Intel Pentium and Core i3 models, it is possible that the FX-6330 Black Edition will be available in other regions soon.

amd fx6330BE 2

amd fx6330BE 2

amd fx6330BE 2


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