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iPhone 6S SoC split between fabs

by on07 October 2015

More Samsung in Plus and TSMC in 6S

The iPhone 6S and the Plus are made up from an equal overall part of the processors from TSMC and Samsung factories. 

Less than a week ago a developer that goes under the name hirakujira developed a CPU identifier that can tell if your phone has a SoC made by TSMC or Samsung. .

The overall there are 20590 Samsung manufactured SoCs and 21259 manufactured byTSMC that have been revealed by this app. This tells us that some 50.8 per cent of tested phones have a TSMC made SoC while the 49.2 per cent have the one from Samsung.

The picture changes when it comes to a specific phone. The iPhone 6S Plus has definitely more Samsung parts – 16478 of tested SoCs. TSMC was present in 11206 phones. Samsung gets the 59.52  per cent  of all Plus phones shipped leaving TSMC with 40.48 per cent..

Since the hirakujira app only tested some 42000 phones this is just a rough estimate based on small test model.

The situation changes with the iPhone 6S. TSMC SoCs are found on more iPhone 6S phones – 10053 in fact. The Samsung SoC was present in only  4111. TSMC gets huge 70.98  per cent  market share according to the app leaving Samsung with 29.02 per cent of all tested phones. 


Last modified on 07 October 2015
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