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Intel didn’t talk about future roadmap or 10nm

by on18 August 2015

IDF 2015:  It is all about the Internet of Things 

Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich told the Developer Forum 2015 a lot about the Internet of Things, RealSense phone, the Razer RealSense camera but didn’t mention Skylake or 10nm.

The thing  featuring the sixth generation Core technology was the "Power on via voice" demo.  It looks like Intel will talk about mobile parts of Skylake a bit later, but also  Krzanich didn’t mention Cabe Lake 14nm or show it.

Intel’s tick tock, now looks like tick, tick, tock cycle -- the clock broke.

Cannon lake 10nm was not demonstrated, which raises some concerns. After 14nm, 10nm was supposed to arrive. After 10nm we expect 7nm and later even 5 nm, but Intel is simply not saying anything at the moment.

One of the big splashy announcements made at the show was an Android based watch from the well known Fossil brand. This will start selling in October. Intel also demonstrated the Octane based 3D Xpoint storage solution that was five to six times IOPS faster than Intel's P3700 SSD. This is definitely not the 1000x that was speculated about when the tech was first announced, but it is still a huge increase over the current technology.

IDF feels like Intel wanted to please the investors with buzzworlds like the "Internet of Things" and future developments. It did not want to talk about its bread and butter - the desktop and notebook market decrease, the tablet crisis or mobile phone challenges.          

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