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Nokia N1 tablet has USB Type C and Intel inside

by on16 March 2015

Thin, very reminiscent of iPad mini

Nokia created a lot of buzz when it announced its N1 tablet in late 2014. The tablet looked well designed and Nokia promised a price under $250. 

We had a chance to see it first hand with a bit of help from Intel, and we have to admit that the tablet looks like something you would want to buy. It looks like an iPad mini with a Nokia skin on top of the Android that is the operating system of a choice.

The Nokia N1 has a 7.9 inch 2048x1536 screen with Gorilla Glass 3 and it is an IPS panel with LED backlight. The display looks great, and this is a fully laminated zero air-gap display. It looks gorgeous and the aluminium build helps give it a premium feel. It is one of the first portable devices to come with USB Type C connector at USB 2.0 speed. Type C plugs fast and it works from any side, just like Apple’s Lightning connector. The tablet is using based on an Atom Z3580 at 2.3GHz and this chip was known is part of the Moorefield family.

This is still a 22nm chip, but there will be a 14nm SoC based on Cherry Trail and with the new Atom X5 brand as a differentiator. This doesn’t not mean that Nokia N1 will get an update but it means that there will soon be more tablets with 14nm Atom X generation SoCs.

The Nokia N1 tablet sells in China for about $250, but we haven’t seen it available in European or US markets. Maybe the fact that the tablet looks very much like iPad mini has some significance in fact that the tablet still hasn’t launched in the western world just yet.

Since Intel has 14nm Atom processors just around the corner, we can expect some exciting tablet design wins, something that has a high resolution panel, thin and light body, small bezel and even higher performance and better battery life.

In case you didn’t figure out this out by now, this is the part of Nokia that wasn’t sold to Microsoft, which is trying to become a mobile player with the Microsoft Lumia line of Windows phones.

We just hope to see more USB Type C connectors on new tablets and phones. Here are Fudzilla we are disappointed to see that Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 don’t come with USB Type C and that these phones till use thin but awkward micro USB connector. We understand that this can’t be done overnight and that a lot of things have to be addressed, including legislation mandating the use of universal chargers in some parts of the world.

Last modified on 16 March 2015
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