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Intel Broadwell coming to a socket near you

by on05 March 2015

Socketed parts coming by mid-2015

Intel has confirmed that its new 14nm Broadwell silicon will finally make its way to socketed desktop chips later this year. 

The chipmaker did not reveal too many details, but it did say that a socketed version of Broadwell will show up in the middle of the year. The new process will allow Intel to add more powerful Iris Pro integrated graphics in new power envelopes.

Intel demonstrated a socketed 65W part at GDC 15. It was keen to show off new GPU capabilities, so the rig was hooked up to a Dell 5K display. The company described the chip inside as a “5th generation Core LGA-socketed CPU with Intel Iris Pro graphics.

Intel also pointed out that its GPUs have come a long way in recent years, with a performance increase of nearly 100 fold since 2006.

It remains unclear what we can expect in terms of 14nm desktop SKUs. Iris Pro is a good GPU, but for many enthusiasts who rely on powerful discrete graphics and high-end CPUs, it doesn’t make much of a difference. However, the new manufacturing process could allow the company to squeeze more GPU performance into low-end, low-wattage parts, where it makes much more sense.

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