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Rockchip leaks new tablet SoCs

by on26 September 2014

Cortex A17, A7 and A53 designs

Rockchip has leaked a few more details on its upcoming mid-range and entry-level application processors.

The company mentioned the RK3288, a previously announced 28nm quad-core Cortex A17 part clocked at 1.7GHz. The SoC sports Mali-T764 graphics and it can handle 4K resolutions. It will be followed by the RK3126, which is a cheap 40nm quad-core Cortex A7 part. It comes in October. The RK3128 is very similar and it comes a month later.

The MayBack is somewhat more interesting. It is a 28nm octa-core based on ARM’s new Cortex A53 core. It is a 64-bit part, but there is still no word on the GPU. However, Rockchip says it will be 4K capable, with a 4K H.265 decoder in tow.

It sounds like one of MediaTek’s octa-cores and Rockchip can’t be blamed for lack of originality. MediaTek’s A7 based octa-cores are cheap, frugal and relatively fast for their intended market segment and they will soon be phased out in favour of A53-based parts. 

If the concept works for MediaTek, it should work for Rockchip too.

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