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Intel Business vPro market divided into 7 categories

by on02 September 2014

Fits everyone's needs

Just a few years ago we had two market segments for business users. We had desktops and notebooks and now Intel indicates that there are at least seven categories of different devices in the ‘small business advantage’ market. Intel aims for Core vPro platform support with a range of Atom, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors spread across seven market tiers.

Atom fits in the tablet market while the Core Y-Processor line aims for detachable two-in-one devices. The Core U-Processor line aims for convertible and clamshell two-in-one devices. Core M and H processor lines are aiming at Clamshell and Mobile workstation markets as well as All-in-ones, ultra-small form factor and small form factor PCs. All-in-ones, ultra-small form factor and small form factor might end up with a desktop processor as well depending on the market and configuration.

Last but not least the desktop and mini desktop configurations are also included. Intel has four processor lines that go after seven different markets that can also get subdivided to eleven different configurations. There is something for everyone to choose from and Intel treats small business advantage and vPro platforms as a different entity, they are not part of its consumer roadmap.

Intel knows what small and big businesses need and it tailors the machines to fit their need. That is why you end up with at least 11 different categories and if you include servers you can end up with even more.

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