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Skylake-S supports DirectX 12

by on27 August 2014

Resolution up to 4096x2304

Skylake-S is Intel's 2015 next generation architecture that is currently only confirmed for the desktop segment. It should launch together with the 14nm ‘tick’ architecture codenamed Broadwell and these two processors will coexist and sit on top of each other.

Skylake-S has a chance of being the faster and more optimised one and it looks like that it comes with improved graphics core as well. The new graphics core supports DirectX 12, Open GL 5.x and Open CL 2.x. We cannot guarantee that the DirectX 12 support means that it will support all fixed function hardware features of the DirectX 12 API. It could indicate lower level support, closer to the AMD’s Mantle API.

The new thing that comes from the house of Intel is accelerated media support for the latest generation codecs including HEVC, VP8 and VP9. Intel doesn’t specify what sort of High Efficiency Video Coding it supports as this video compression standards goes all the way to 8192x4320.

Skylake-S graphics supports display resolution up to 4096x2304 which should be enough for everyone. Essentially this is 4K in 16:10. It comes with support for three independent displays. Intel HD graphics features embedded Display Port eDP.

This new graphics microarchitecture aims to increase graphics performance at a lower power cost. The matching 100 series chipset, led by Intel’s 170 chipset, supports DMI and PCIe 3.0 with up to 8 GT/s so this platform will be ready for the latest generation of graphics cards that are coming in 20nm in mid-2015.

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