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$4 Allwinner chips power $60 tablets

by on29 July 2014


Making Allwiner the second biggest tablet SoC player

Chinese chip outfit Allwiner is currently the second biggest supplier of tablet SoC parts in terms of sheer volume, although most of its chips can't hold a candle to powerful Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm parts used in high-end tablets.

Allwinner makes its money on the Chinese white-box market. As a result most of its chips have to be very cheap. One example is the Allwinner A33, which recently entered production according to Liliputing

The chip sells for just $4 and it is used in cheap white-box tablets with Android 4.4 on top. Some of the tablets cost as little as $60. The chip has four Cortex A7 cores clocked at 1.3GHz backed by ARM Mali-400 MP2 graphics. It supports screen resolutions up to 1280x800, which is still enough in this market segment.

The A33 is a far cry from first-tier flagship parts like the Snapdragon 801, Tegra K1 or Apple's A7. However, at $4 it is in a league of its own, as it costs just a fraction of what a vendor would have to pay for a high-end SoC.

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