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Intel launches new mobile Haswell and Bay Trail parts

by on22 July 2014

High end and ULV

Intel has introduced seven new Haswell mobile parts and four Bay Trail SoC chips, but most of them are merely clock bumps of existing models.

Intel's new mobile flagship is the Core i7-4980HQ, a hyperthreaded quad-core with a stock clock of 2.8GHz. It has a 47W TDP and it can hit a whopping 4GHz on Turbo, but the official price is $623. This part will undoubtedly be reserved for mobile workstations, high-end AIOs and maybe the odd gaming laptop.

The Core i7-4770HQ and Core i7-4770HQ are 47W parts and both are priced at $434. They are clocked at 2.2GHz/3.4GHz and 2.5GHz/3.7GHz respectively. The Core i7-4578U is a dual-core with four threads and it's clocked at 3GHz/3.5GHz. It has a TDP of 28W and the asking price is $426.

The Core i5 series has three new members, the Core i5-4308U, 4278U and 4210H. All are hyperthreaded dual-core parts with prices ranging from $225 to $315, reports CPU World.

Intel is currently phasing out some Bay Trail parts and it is refreshing the line-up with tweaked parts.  Once again these are clock bumps.

The dual-core Celeron N2808 is clocked at 1.58GHz/2.25GHz and it has a TDP of 4.3W. The N2840 and N2940 are clocked at 2.16GHz/2.58GHz and 1.83GHz/2.25GHz respectively, but the latter is a quad core. Both have a TDP of 7.5W. All three new Bay Trail Celerons are priced at $107.

The Pentium N3540 is another clock bump and it looks like the fastest Bay Trail to date. It runs on 2.16GHz stock, but it can hit 2.66GHz on Turbo. It has 2MB of cache and a TDP of 7.5W. It also has quite a price tag, not what you would usually associate with a small core design - $161.

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