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Intel Atom EOL in Q2 2014

by on17 July 2014

Rest in peace

Intel has a plan to retire some of its well-known Atom products and Cedar view-D 32nm parts are finally ready to meet their maker. It has been a while since they started the whole Atom fuss and these cores were responsible for some very small form factor desktops/nettops. They were inexpensive machines and now in the dawn of the 14nm era, it is time to retire the old 32nm technology.

As of late Q2 2014 Intel has issued an End of Life (EOL) notice for Atom D2500 and Atom D2650 processors. The Atom D2560 was launched in Q4 2012 and works at 2GHz with a maximum TDP of 10W. This is tiny for small desktop systems but then again Intel has new 22nm Atoms that can do a much better job in this thermal envelope. Intel also retires the Atom D2500 with 1 MB cache and 1.86GHz, which was launched way back in Q3 2011. It is time for these old parts to retire.

We were surprised to see a Bay trail-D based product retiring less than a year since its introduction. Intel plans to retire the quad- core, four thread Pentium J2850. This is a 22nm, 10W TDP clocked processor clocked at 2.41GHz with 2MB cache. It retired at the end of Q2 2014, the last day of June 2014. The faster version clocked at 2.67GHz and branded Pentium J2900 continues to be available after Q2 2014.

Intel is also retiring the Celeron J1750, yet another Bay Trail-D processor based on 22nm technology. The Celeron branding in the J1750 case means that only two out of four cores are enabled and that the cache size dropped down to 1MB. The 10W Celeron J1750 works at 2.41GHz and retires at the end of Q3 2014, or the last days of September 2014.

The last Atom Bay Trail-D to retire is the Celeron J1850 clocked at 2GHz that has 2MB of cache and four cores despite its Celeron designation.

They will be outlived by the Celeron J1800 clocked at 2.58GHz and 1MB cache dual core and Celeron J1900 clocked at 2.42GHz with 2 MB cache, four cores and the same 10W TDP. These will be replaced in 2015 by Broadwell Atom 14nm products.


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