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Intel's 20th Anniversary Edition Pentium detailed

by on23 May 2014

The unlocked Pentium G3258

Intel has already announced that, in addition to the Haswell Refresh CPU lineup and Devil's Canyon, it will also launch the Anniversary Edition Pentium and VR-Zone managed to dig up some details about the new part.

According to Chinese VR-Zone, the Anniversary Edition Pentium will be known as the Pentium G3258 and be quite similar to the existing Pentium G3420 CPU. If the rumored specifications are true, we will be looking at a dual-core CPU without Hyper-threading support, Turbo Boost, VT-d virtualization or AES and AVX instructions but will feature an unlocked multiplier. It will have a 3.2GHz base clock, 3MB of cache and a 53W TDP.

Although the Pentium G3420 is available at for around US $75, we doubt that the Anniversary-Edition will be that cheap. VR-Zone also suggested that we will find out if the specs are real early next month, or precisely June 2nd, when the new Pentium is about to launch alongside the Devil's Canyon.

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