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AMD releases more cheap Richland parts

by on06 March 2014

What about them Kaveris AMD?

AMD has quietly released three new entry- and mid-level desktop APUs, but they are not based on its new Steamroller architecture. They are Richland-based dual-core parts. Low end Kaveri dual-core parts are coming later in Q2, CPU World reports.


The new parts A4-4020, A4-6320 and A6-6420K and as their name suggests they are very similar to the old A4-4000, A4-6300 and A6-6400K. There's not much to report really, the new chips are clock bumps, they are 100MHz to 200MHz faster than their predecessors and that's about it.

However, we can't but wonder why AMD is even bothering with a few clock bumps just weeks ahead of dual-core Kaveri parts. It might just be getting ready to shift binned inventory, although some tin foil hat wearers could argue it points to a delay in the Kaveri rollout.

We haven't heard anything that would point to a delay so far, but then again we are talking about AMD, which apparently stands for Almost, but Mostly Delayed.

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