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AMD talks up Mullins and Beema

by on27 January 2014

Faster than Bay Trail, killer GPU

AMD is on a bit of a roll. The company introduced Jaguar last year, won a couple of huge design wins for custom APUs, then it rolled out Hawaii and Mantle and earlier this month it finally launched Kaveri. A few days ago we saw the first Warsaw server parts, too.

As far as the consumer space goes, the next few months should see more flavours of desktop Kaveri, along with mobile parts. New Jaguar parts are coming as well. However, the really new stuff comes a bit later.

Mullins and Beema are AMD's upcoming low-voltage APUs and they should replace Temash and Kabini SKUs. Based on new Puma x86 cores, the chips will come in dual-core and quad-core versions. Beema will have a 2W SDP, roughly on part with Bay Trail-T, while Mullins will be available in 10W to 25W versions (TDP). This is about 5W less than Kabini.

Speaking in a recent conference call, AMD Senior Vice President Lisa Su said the new chips will offer significant performance improvements, reports Xbit Labs.

"We’re talking about 250% better than the comparable Bay Trail products. What is different is on the compute performance, where we had traditionally been not as strong, we see significant performance improvements,” she said.

However, AMD has not released any CPU performance figures, but at least the GPU looks promising. Beema and Mullins should launch sometime in the first half of the year, but we still don't have a precise date.

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