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New Kabini SKUs coming soon

by on06 January 2014

Just a few clock bumps

AMD’s next generation Kaveri architecture is slowly starting to look like yet another dud, but the company appears to be doing just fine in the low-voltage segment and it is preparing to roll out three new Kabini parts.

According to CPU World, the company has listed three new Kabini SKUs, including two quad-cores and a dual-core part. However, two of them are just slightly faster versions of existing parts. The A4-5100 and E1-2200 are 50MHz faster than the A4-5000 and E1-2100, i.e. they are clocked at 1.55GHz and 1.05GHz. The GPU frequency is 300MHz and 497MHz respectively.

The E3-3800 is a different beast. It is not just a clock bump, it is a quad-core, unlike earlier E2-3000 series parts. The E2-3800 has four Jaguar cores clocked at 1.3GHz, backed by 2MB of L2 cache and HD 8280 graphics.

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