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Intel EOLs 34 processors by Q1 2014

by on13 December 2013

Some already passed away in Q3

With the introduction of Haswell some of the older Core processors are meeting their maker. They are at the end of the road and this time Intel has a rather long list of CPUs that are atoning for their sins.


The Core i5 3350P has received PDN (Product discontinuance notice) in Q3 2013 which is a ticket to heaven. The expected EOL is Q1 2014. Core i5 2390T already passed away in Q3 2013, reaching End of Life status. Core i3 3225 and 3210, both Ivy Bridge based, have received PDN in Q3 and will EOL in Q1 2014. Sandy Bridge based Core i3 2100, 2125, 2130, 2120T and 2102 have been euthanized in Q3 2013.

The ancient Atom D2500 has received PDN (Product discontinuance notice) but it won't EOL before Q3 2014 at the earliest. The newer Atom D2550 has received PSN (Product Support Chance Notice) whatever that might be.

Most of the fallen comrades come from the world of Pentium and Celeron. Since today even Atom cores cam end up with Pentium or Celeron branding, the older chaps have booked a retirement home and plan to live their last quarters peacefully soaking in the Florida sun.

Sandy Bridge based G860, G645, G645T, G550T, G555, G465, G630, G620, G622, G870, G860T, G640, G530T have EOL’d in Q3 2014. The list continues with G630T, G640T and a few Celerons including G550, G540T, G460, G530 all Sandy Bridge based. There is no place for old 32nm parts in Intel's 22nm driven world that aims to transition to 14nm in the next year.

Ivy Bridge and Haswell based parts are surely a better choice, but Haswell demands a new motherboard which is quite a lot of hassle, while Ivy Bridge parts will mostly work in the previous Sandy Bridge based boards. The choice is always yours but these chaps are no longer with us.

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