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More Kaveri specs and performance figures emerge

by on12 December 2013

Battlefield 4 bundle possible

A couple of new Kaveri slides popped up online thanks to WCCFtech. The slides pitted the flagship Kaveri A10 against Intel’s Core i5-4670K Haswell based processor in several benchmarks.

Unsurprisingly AMD came away with a massive 50 percent lead in Basemark CL and a 40 percent lead in 3D Mark Firestrike. AMD also noted that all A10 chips will feature a Battlefield 4 bundle at launch, although we suspect this will be a limited time offer. At an estimated suggested retail price of $189 for the flagship A10 7850K, it probably won’t make much sense to bundle BF4 with every A10 series chip.

Kaveri also brings unified memory, 32-channel TrueAudio support and R7-branded GCN graphics with Mantle optimizations. The A10 7850K is said to feature a base clock of 3.7GHz and a Turbo clock of 4.0, slightly lower than previous Richland and Trinity A10 parts.

One of the most interesting bits is definitely the GPU, with 512 cores clocked at up to 720MHz. To put things into perspective, discrete Oland XT cards (R7 250) feature 384 cores clocked at 1000MHz. Although this isn’t enough to shoot up the place in BF4, it is impressive nonetheless. For example, the Xbox One features 768 cores and the PS4 has 1152, coupled with eight Jaguar course.

Although it won’t be enough for comfortable 1080p gaming and the latest titles, high-end Kaveri parts should have no trouble delivering smooth performance in older games or in some graphically less demanding genres.

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