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Intel basic segment now $199 to $349

by on05 December 2013

Basic clamshell and Chromebook

Intel is shifting some of its focus on the entry level market and we see this as a smart move. The Ultrabook strategy didn’t really work as despite the fact that people were mesmerized by their beauty, they were not the most affordable things to buy.

The entry level market that Intel calls “good” (good – entry level, better – mainstream, best – performance market ed.) is now defined between as everything in the $199 to $349 range. Intel is aiming for basic clamshell 10.1- to 15.6-inch machines and Chromebooks in this market segment and it plans to sell them with 3rd & 4th Gen Intel Celeron U, Pentium U & Y processors as well as with Bay Trail-M Intel Celeron and Pentium processors.

Intel promises fanless form factors, Intel HD graphics, 2GB DDR3 graphics, 320 to 500GB HDD and three to five hour battery life. The specification also mentions two weeks of standby time. These systems should be coming with Windows 8 Home, Chrome OS, Linux or Android.

You can expect DVD RW on machines with 13.3-inch or larger display and Intel doesn’t mention what is the resolution for these basic clamshell machines sizing from 10.1 inches to 15.6 inches. Intel believes that these machines will be good enough for basic computing, basic productivity for home and basic tasks, play videos online, listen to music or other connected media, rich internet experience.

In other words, this will be enough for most home and small business users who usually write emails, use Facebook and a like and watch an occasional movie on Netflix. This is what good stands for, in all these basic tasks these affordable notebooks should deliver good performance.

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