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Core i7 4770K is king of Desktop till Q2 2014

by on02 December 2013

Haswell refresh is coming

We have already mentioned that a Haswell refresh will be replacing Haswell and that Broadwell will only come as a mobile solution.

This is definitely a slowdown in Intel’s desktop cycle, but there is a big hope that Haswell refresh parts will fit in existing motherboards, although they will probably require a BIOS update. The top processors for desktop in Intel ecosystem are Core i7 4770K followed closely by Core i7 4771 and Core i7 4770. Core i7 4770K works at 3.5GHz and with turbo can get to 3.9GHz. It has a massive 8MB of cache and HD 4600 graphics.

The Core i7 4771 has the same exact clocks but it doesn’t come with multiplier unlock which is a main differentiator of K-series CPUs. It currently sells for $350.00 boxed or $339.00 tray and is the top of the Intel offer that gets replaced in Q2 2014 with Haswell refresh. We have few details about this new and improved core but we would not expect miracles.

Broadwell for Desktops might come later in 2014 but the focus is to have these chips in 14nm manufacturing out for mobile devices, with desktop on hold. There will be 9-series chipsets to replace the 8-series, but Intel has been steadily in bringing new chipset revisions each year, so we expect only some minor improvements over the 8 series.

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