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45W desktop Richland tips up in US

by on16 September 2013

Two quad-core SKUs

Kaveri is coming in a few months, but before it ships AMD will apparently spice up the Richland line-up with a few low-power parts.

CPU World has come across an interesting listing, which points to two new 45W chips, the A8-6500T and the A10-6700T. Both are quads with 4MB of cache. The A8-6500T is clocked at 2.1GHz and can hit 3.1GHz on Turbo, while the A10-6700T’s base clock is 2.5GHz and it maxes out at 3500MHz.

The prices are $108 and $155 for the A8 and A10 respectively, which doesn’t sound too bad although they are still significantly pricier than regular FM2 parts.


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