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Intel Core i7 4960X comes in Q3 13

by on13 August 2013

Core i7 4930K and 4820K as well

Intel is preparing to launch a new Core i7 Extreme Edition part based on the Ivy Bridge E core, and this is set to happen in Q3, or last days of September at the latest. The new Core i7 extreme core will replace Core i7 3970X and Core i7 3960 parts, both based on the Sandy Bridge E six core CPU.

Intel Core i7 4960X is a 3.6GHz clocked six core with twelve treads and memory support up to 1866MHz. It supports socket 2011 and a maximal turbo core clock to 4GHz. The CPU is unlocked and has four channel memory controller. The maximum TDP stops at 130W and the CPU has a whopping 15MB of cache. The runner up is the Core i7 4930K, with 12MB of cache, six cores and twelve treads, 3.4GHz base clock and 3.9GHz max turbo. The rest of the spec is the same, and it also launches in Q3 2013 and replaces the Core i7 3930K.

The last on this LGA2011 update list again based on Ivy Bridge E core is the Core i7 4820K but this one has four cores and eight treads. Two core and four threads are disabled of course and the cache size is shrunk to 10MB. The Core i7 4820K works on 3.7GHz and with the help of turbo it reaches 3.9GHz. This one replaces Core i7 3820 Sandy Bridge E processor.

We don’t know the exact launch date but in order to meet the Q3 2013 launch schedule, they should show up by late September, probably even earlier.

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