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Bay Trail desktop parts coming soon

by on12 August 2013

Three SKUs unearthed

Intel has updated its official price list with three new desktop Atoms based on the new Bay Trail core. The Atom J1750, J1850 and J2850 are listed as of August and they cost $72, $82 and $94 respectively. 

The J1750 is a dual-core clocked at 2.4GHz, with a GPU clocked at 688/750MHz and 1MB of cache. The J1850 is a quad core clocked at 2GHz, with a 688/792Mhz GPU, but it has 2MB of cache. The J2850 is also a quad core, with the same GPU, but it’s clocked at 2.4GHz.

All three of them have a 10W TDP, DDR3-1333 support, no Hyperthreading and they’re 22nm parts. Curiously, Intel was reportedly planning to ditch the Atom brand in the desktop space. These Bay Trail parts were supposed to end up with Celeron and Pentium branding, but now it appears they will be Atoms after all – or someone got it wrong while updating the price list.

The prices aren’t spectacular, but they’re close to what we’re used to seeing when it comes to desktop Atoms. However, if historical prices are anything to go by, AMD’s new Kabini parts should end up cheaper.

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