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AMD details first ARM server part

by on18 June 2013

And a few new x86 chips

AMD’s first foray into the ARM world is coming next year, in the form of Seattle, a microserver chip that will ship in the second half of 2014.

The chip is based on the new ARM Cortex A-57 core and it will come in eight and sixteen core flavours. It will run at 2GHz or higher. The hope is that the new ARM 64-bit core will make more powerful ARM servers a reality and these chips could grab part of the x86 dominated microserver market.

Further up the ladder AMD will launch Berlin parts in early 2014. Berlin is an x86 design based on Steamroller and some versions will ship with GCN graphics, as part of AMD’s Heterogenous System Architecture. AMD is clearly trying to leverage its GPU prowess in the server market, although we have yet to see HSA in action.

Warsaw is designed for 2P/4P servers and HPCs. It will replace the Opteron 6300 series, but it will be compatible with existing sockets for easy upgrades. It will feature 12 or 16 Piledriver cores and it’s slated for early 2014, just like Berlin.

We just hope Berlin doesn’t invade Warsaw in the meantime. (And that Seattle doesn’t start dating Courtney Love, or blow its brains out with a shotgun. Ed)

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