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Haswell Pentium and Core specs surface

by on17 June 2013

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Haswell is out and now we have the complete specs for Intel’s first batch of fourth generation Core parts, as well as a few new Pentiums.

The Pentiums don’t appear very impressive. The range starts with the G3220, a 3GHz dual-core with no Hyperthreading and a 54W TDP. There’s a T version as well, with a 2.6GHz clock and 35W TDP. The G3240 is a 3.2GHz part with a 54W TDP and support for DDR3-1600 memory. The T version has a 2.7GHz clock and it’s a 35W chip.

The Core i3 line-up is a bit more interesting. The Core i3-4130 is a 54W hyperthreaded dual-core clocked at 3.4GHz, with 3MB of cache and HD 4400 graphics clocked at up to 1150MHz. It supports DDR3 1600 and it is also available as a 35W T-series part, but with a 2.9GHz clock.

The 4330 is a 3.5GHz version, while the 4330T is clocked 3GHz. However, both flavours feature HD 4600 graphics and a 4MB of cache. The 4340 is more of the same, a 54W part clocked at 3.6GHz, with the same GPU and 4MB of cache.

Moving on to Core i5 parts, the 4440 is a quad-core with no hyperthreading and a 3.1/3.3GHz clock. It comes with 6MB of cache, HD4600 graphics clocked at 1100MHz and an 84W TDP. The Core i5-4440S is a 65W part clocked at 2.8/3.3GHz. The rest of the spec is unchanged.

The Core i7 specs have been out for a while, so there are no surprises there. The Core i7-4820K is a hyperthreaded 130W quad-core, clocked at 3.7/3.9GHz. It has 10MB of cache and supports DDR3 1866 memory. The 4930K is a six-core clocked at 3.4/3.9GHz, with 12MB of cache, while the Core i7-4960X features six cores clocked at 3.6/4GHz, with a whopping 15MB of cache.

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