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Intel shows off Merrifield, Bay Trail-T, Silvermont

by on04 June 2013

Ready to take on ARM, sort of

Intel is talking up its new mobile chips at Computex, but although they look compelling, they don’t appear to be coming anytime soon, hence they are getting a massive yawn from the tech press.

Merrifield is Intel’s next generation smartphone chip. It is a 22nm Atom design, but other than that Intel wasn’t too keen to reveal any specifics. It just said the chip will offer great power efficiency and an integrated sensor hub. It should appear sometime next year and there is still no word on LTE support. Intel does have a 4G modem in the works, but it won’t be ready this year, either.

Bay Trail-T is Intel’s new tablet part and it should show up a bit earlier, in time for the holiday season. Intel tweeted that Bay Trail quad core tablets should cost $399, which doesn’t sound very cheap, especially not after Intel made it clear that it plans to focus on $200 devices later this year.

It has four CPU cores and the chipmaker claims it is twice as fast as current Atom tablet chips. It should tip up in Windows 8.1 tablets, along with Androids and it should deliver eight or more hours of battery life.

Intel also talked about Silvermont, but it is a long way off and it is not clear when it will be introduced.

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