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First Richland desktop part available in Europe

by on14 May 2013

Dual core A4-4000

AMD is about to roll out desktop Richland parts, replacing Trinity APUs in the FM2 socket space. Although most desktop Richlands haven’t been announced yet, there is an early bird.

The A4-4000 is a cheap Richland based dual-core and it is already available in Europe. It was listed a last week and it goes for about €40, depending on the market. In the US it should go for $40. As the price suggests, it’s an entry level chip, clocked at 3.0GHz. It can hit 3.2GHz on Turbo, but it has just 1MB of L2 cache.

However, it also packs HD 7480 graphics clocked at up to 720MHz. AMD claims it can wipe the floor with any Celeron or Pentium in terms of graphics performance, as you can see in the chart. It basically looks like the perfect chip for no frills office PCs. Let's just hope AMD doesn't keep us waiting for the rest of the series much longer.



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