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AMD creates custom chip division

by on03 May 2013

Nothing to do with Harleys apparently

AMD has set up a custom chip business unit in the hopes of getting more clients interested in tailor made chips. 

AMD’s custom Jaguar-based APUs will power the new PlayStation and Xbox, and the custom chip push could result in more specialized hardware, for consumer electronics, highly specialized devices and mobile gear.

AMD VP and general manager Saeid Moshkelani said the new division will include a team of veteran chip architects, backed by AMD’s vast IP portfolio. Moshkelani also said that AMD could even make hybrid x86-ARM chips, if a client asks for them.

It is an interesting development and it could help AMD find its place under the sun in the midst of the PC slump. It is not hard to envision a multitude of possible custom chip applications, ranging from tablets and consoles, to servers and embedded parts.

However, whether AMD will manage to score plenty of orders for custom APUs remains to be seen. The potential is certainly there.

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