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Intel to announce Silvermont on May 6

by on01 May 2013

Just in time for VE Day

Intel is set to announce new Silvermont Atoms in a few days, on May 6. Silvermont is the biggest Atom redesign since Intel introduced the first Atom chips back in 2008.

However, five years on Intel is not carving out a new niche market, it now has to compete with AMD’s upcoming Jaguar parts, which are starting to look like the best thing that came out of AMD for years. In addition, Intel now has to worry about ARM based SoCs as well.

Silvermont uses a new Out-of-Order design like Intel’s Core series processors. It also has new graphics and it will be manufactured in 22nm. It looks promising to say the least and it should allow Intel to step up its game in the tablet space.

The bad news? Actual products based on Bay Trail chips should appear in time for the holiday season, while Android phones based on Merrifield chips should show up in early 2014. In other words, 2013 should be a good year for AMD and ARM in this market segment.

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